My new car is out of date

Of course I knew that there would be no TDI’s (aka Diesels) coming from Volkswagen or any other car manufacturer in states in 2007 and that there would be new models coming along in 2008 when I bought it, so this isn’t that big of a surprise.  However it looks like VW has revealed the new TDI in a Jetta model.  I understand that the new emissions requirements are tough, but this idea of having now yet another fluid to keep track of (urea) makes me think this is going to be another set back for diesels.  I know a lot of people that can’t remember to change their oil.  If they have to do much more than add gas (or diesel in this case) its going to seem just a bit too much work, even if they do get 30-50% better mileage.
VW unveils next-gen TDI engine – Autoblog






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