There's more than just me

While I appreciate the link, I don’t want anyone to think that I am a blogger for UGS.  Yes, I do work at UGS and yes I do blog about things that I find interesting in the course of my work at UGS, but this is my blog (not UGS’s) and I say what I think here, not what UGS tells or asks me to.
I also don’t anyone to think that I am the only person who blogs at UGS. There are many of us that are blogging now about all sorts of different things. We may even get more organized in the next few months.
I also don’t want anyone to think that this is by any stretch of the imagination a ‘PLM’ or ‘UGS” blog. Yes, I do write a lot about both topics (after all, I spend more than 60% of my waking hours thinking about those two topics) but I also write alot about everything else going on in my life. So don’t be disappointed / surprised if there is a lot that goes on here that has nothing to do with PLM, UGS or really antying that 99.9999% of the world would be interested in.
That being said, read away and leave a comment if you like. After all, it’s all about the conversation.






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