Open Innovation meets Social Production

I may have found something to do in the workshop that came along with the house we bougt last year.  I love the idea of personalizing products through laser etching (user generated content) combined with social production (the plans to make the machine to do it are open sourced) combined with open innovation (the business model is too!).
Anyone need anything etched?
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2 responses to “Open Innovation meets Social Production”

  1. ralphg Avatar

    Gaining popularity is etching the lids of otherwise genetic notebook computers. A place in NY NY charges $100 bucks.
    I’d like to have mine done, probably with some baroque floral design — classy yet distinctive.
    Of course, you’d have to make sure that the design requested by clients are not covered by someone else’s copyright!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Well I contacted the addafruit guys yesterday and they are going to post some info soon. Maybe I can have everything built by COFES and I could set you up there. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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