Meet the new virtual me

I have been avoiding jumping on this bandwagon, but on Monday I signed up for an account on SecondLife. There is just such a large community there that there must be something interesting going on. What really got me though was the ticker on that shows how much money (in $US) has been spent in secondlife in the past 24 hours. When I signed up it was a little more that half a million. That’s real opportunity.
I have only spent about 2 hours in the ‘verse so far, but I can already see why it can be addictive
.kenorland.gif My alter ego: Christian Kenorland in SecondLife.






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  1. csven Avatar

    Well, don’t take the numbers you’re seeing too seriously. The so-called population is actually the number of times people have registered (and many, many register more than two times). The transactions are also extremely suspect and their validity has been discussed for months. Recently someone artificially inflated the number. No surprise. Few systems can’t be gamed.
    That said, SL is an interesting virtual space. I went in out of technical curiousity and found other things far more interesting.

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