Home Project Update

I find myself 2 days ahead of schedule for my around the house/farm project list.  The fence is installed, the stalls are roughed in and the new light is up on the barn.  I even got it wired in and it worked with the first flip of the switch (anyone who took elements of electrical engineering with me knows how amazing that is).  Last Christmas it took me almost an entire week just to get the stalls done.  This year it was the equivalent of 1 day (Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning).
To what can I attribute this good fortune?  For one, I know what I am doing now.  When I roughed in the stalls last year I was really designing as a I went.  That made the process much slower because I not only had to think about how to create what I wanted, I also had to make many trips to the hardware store to get the pieces to make it real.  Another key difference this time is I had the right tools.  I made the wise investment in renting a Paslode cordless nailer which made all of the facing go by in a flash.  Even better I can use my right arm today, which was not the case last year after 2 straight days of driving nails.  And by the way, if you can ever come up with an excuse to rent or otherwise use a cordless nailer – do it!  It has got to be one of the coolest tools ever.
So now I find myself letting a few other projects expand to meet the original schedule.  And taking some more time to enjoy the time off.  There were a few books I’ve been meaning to read and hopefully it will get cold enough that I can take my daughter ice skating.  Ah, the joys of knowing what your doing and having the right tools for the job.

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