Yesterday was my last official day at work for the year.  Yes, I am one of those people that didn’t take their vacation through the year and since we have a “use it or lose it policy” at UGS, I am using it.  So the posts may be light in the next few weeks as I turn my attention to getting a few projects done around the house and farm:

  • Adding a few extensions to our fence to keep the horses out of places they got into trouble in the fall
  • Roughing in a couple new stalls (yes, I know that if you get more stalls you get more horses)
  • Adding an outside light to the barn
  • Setting up a torrent/file server from the machine I used to run this blog off of before I switched to go daddy (all legal content, I swear!)
  • Getting my XBOX 360 connected with the VPC image of Vista Media Center so I can decide if I want to spring for a dedicated box with a cable card slot when they finally ship and finally retire my MythTV machine (which still works flawlessly, but is just too hot and noisy to be in the family room)
  • Cleaning up the workshop and getting some peg boards installed for my tools.

In addition to all that there’s Chirstmas and new years parties to go to and I have tickets to University of Kentucky’s first bowl game since 1998 and the Bengals v. Steelers match-up on new years eve.
I’ll provide a post holiday update on how far I got on everything.






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