What I have on my T-mobile MDA


I’ve posted a few times before on my latest windows mobile phone, the T-mobile MDA (aka the HTC Wizard). I have had it for over 8 months now and I have to say this has the longest I have been so happy with any mobile device since my first digital phone (when they were just phones) a Nokia 5100 series.
I have been through several ROM upgrades, first making it think it was an imate KJAM so I could get true push email and then later converting to a “cooked” ROM from xelencin that was based loosely on the official ROM update from T-mobile in August. It added a few niceties like the MidLet Manager (for J2ME apps).
For basic setup I found a lot of useful tips in this article on writingonyourplam very useful in making the MDA more “one handed”. I have added a Thinkoutside Stowaway Keyboard to my bag for composing long emails and blog posts and a 1 GB MiniSD card for storing mail attachments, programs, etc. I also have made a small hardware modification after losing the first miniSD card I had in the airport after dropping the phone and having it pop out without me noticing: I have added some clear tape over the slot. I know, really high-tech, but hey, it works. I also use a Motorola Bluetooth Headset that works fine (and for some odd reason is much louder when paired with my MDA than it was with my last device, a Blackberry).
From this base, what else have I added from a software perspective:

  • ADBIdea – a neat outliner program for the PPC. Since there is no PPC version of MindManager, this is as close as I can get.
  • Resco Audio Recorder – although I have since added a separate Roland Edirol R-09 to my bag, I still like having a back-up if the battery dies or if I need to record two things at once I have this program to create quick and dirty audio recordings
  • Office Communicator Mobile – since my company has an LCS server setup that can be hit outside the firewall with an appropriate certificate, this is a great application to enable mobile and remote IM sessions with all of my contacts managed centrally. In fact this application is so fast, I often use it as the first place to look up contact details for people in the directory even if I just plan to call or email them.
  • Hubdog – just downloaded this one today. Not sure if I like it or not yet, but I continue to look for a way to download podcasts directly and this seems like one way to get it done.
  • Gmail mobile app – this was just released a few days ago but I already love it. I have had none of the problems reported by other HTC Wizard/MDA users (it works fine in landscape mode and I don’t have to restart it if I exit). I also don’t mid the use of the number keys as shot cuts since I can use the D-pad to navigate with no problems. (BTW this runs as a J2ME app inside MIDLet manager)
  • Mobile Google Maps – don’t use this too much, but it is nice in a pinch. (this also runs in MIDLet Manager).
  • Minimo – I just loaded this a few days ago as well and I’m not sure how long it will stick around. I don’t much like the rendering in pocket IE, but Minimo is painfully slow.
  • Mobile Secretary – this is a nice app to keep people from calling you over and over again when you are busy or on the phone by sending them a text message in reply. Very nice automatic way to send a bugger off to someone.
  • One Note Mobile Beta – I am an avid OneNote user on my HP TC4400 Tablet so this is a nice way to transfer notes to my MDA as well as take new notes. In one instance this was a real life saver when I was in the UK a few weeks back and didn’t have a converter for the plug type there and my PC battery died in the middle of a critical meeting. I pulled out my Thinkoutside keyboard, popped in the MDA and kept right on taking notes.
  • Resco File Explorer – a nice extended file manager that has saved me a few times with files that the normal windows explorer hides from you.
  • Skype – since the MDA only has EDGE, I don’t use the voice capabilities, but since all of my non-work contacts are on Skype this at least lets me IM with them.
  • Microsoft Voice Command – I have saved the best for last…this is the most amazing application. It really does come close to magic. I use voice dialing most often, but the intergration with calendar and applications is nice in a pinch.






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