Crashed up my tractor

Since the weather this weekend was warmer than its likely to be in the next few months, I took the opportunity to cut some trails in our woods for walking and eventually to ride the horses on.  I was quite successful on Saturday and in only a couple hours had completed what I thought would take me a few weekends.  I attached my 5 foot rotary cutter (aka Bush Hog) to my John Deere 3120 compact tractor and just started backing through the woods where I wanted to path to be.  I tried to avoid any large trees and in the few places I ran into one that couldn’t be avoided, I used my chain saw to cut it down.  Very rewarding work.
With my confidence high (you can just feel it coming, can’t you) I set on on Sunday to create the second part of the planned trail system.  I started out well enough, having to only stop once to cut up a long ago fallen tree to move it out of the way.  Quickly I realized that I couldn’t exactly see where I wanted the trail to come out so that it would connect with the trail I started the day before, so I went out of the woods and started down the other side.  About this time it started to rain, so I figured I could get about another 20 minutes or so in before it got too muddy to work.  I backed down the other side of the trail and made it about 200 feet in when I ran into a clump of trees that I knew I could mow so I figured that was the time to stop.
As I rolled back up the hill I suddenly slid sideways and got the tractor stuck between two trees.  In the effort to get it out, I ended up cracking the front headlight assembly (it still works), the grill and some other front end plastic bits.  I ended up having to drop the cutter off the back in order to get it unstuck (it’s still int he woods).  So now the question is: do I repair the stuff I broke?  It largely appears to be cosmetic, so the tractor will run fine without fixing it.  I know its not a car, but at the same time it feels like I am mistreating it if I don’t fix the broken parts.  What do you all think?  Fix it or leave it with that “used” look?






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  1. hilby Avatar

    A banged up tractor will give you the farm equivalent of “street-cred” A shiny new tractor just pegs you as a poseur, or worse, a Yankee. As a matter of fact, you ought to take a hammer to the fenders, and let it run rich so it’s good and smoky. But that’s just the opinion of someone who doesn’t know the difference between straw and hay.

  2. RAymond Avatar

    Fix it. The new lights are only $60. I know because I did the same. If you don’t ,you’ll continue beating it up, thus taking less care of it. Keep it like new and you’ll always be proud of it.

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