SocialText does Sharepoint

I have been playing around with the free version of SocialText on my home webserver for a few weeks and I have to say it is the way to go in a corporate environment.  My problem to this point has been how to convince anyone in corporate IT to actually set-up a server (virtual or otherwise) to run it on.  I think the guys at SocialText must have heard the same thing a few times as they just announced a version of their wiki that will run on top of Sharepoint.  This will certainly maike it much easier for the thousands of companies that already have Sharepoint deployed to try out the SocialText wiki experience.
The challenge will be convincing them they need more wiki capability than what the next version of Sharepoint will provide out of the box.  The Office 2007 version will incorporate both blogs and wikis, so the tax SocialText will have to pay to ride the Sharepoint train into big companies around the world is convincing everyone that their wiki is better than the “free” version they get from Microsoft.  Not only better…but significantly better… for ever…and that Microsoft (with their billions in R&D) will never catch up.  It’s definitely a ahrd road to hoe, but I wish them luck.  Because I’m convinced its significantly better (at least for now) and I want to get it inside my company ASAP.
Ross Mayfield’s Weblog: SocialPoint: Best-of-Breed Wiki on Sharepoint






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