DeAnna and I went the second of our broadway series plays last night at the Aranoff to see Spamalot.  Being a big Monty Python fan, I had high expectations and they were exceeded.  There were more laugh out loud moments that I can count.  Even one where I think I was the only one laughing (making fun of certain religious groups is still a bit taboo in Cincinnati).  The playwrites had a perfect mix of things that came line for line from the movie and brand new pieces.  They stuck to the spirit of the movie, while at the same time making something new and different.
Well done and highly recommended.  And if anyone is reading that can have make a difference if there’s ever a rewrite: add the witch scene back in.  It had to be one of the funniest cast interactions in the movie.  It could definately find a home in the play.






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