Ebay is broken (the model, not the site)

I have just had the worst experience on Ebay in the last two weeks. I had listed a item for sale a few weeks ago and almost immediately someone hit the ‘buy it now’ option. Unfortunately they wanted me to send it to Nigeria, which is an obvious scam. So i went through the uneedlessly painful steps of getting a credit for the listing and sale fees and then relisting. This time it took a scammer about 24 hours to use buy it now and ask me to ship to Nigeria. Arghhh! Havnig elarned my lesson, I went through the refund process again, and relisted this time with the requirement that anyone using ‘buy it now’ use paypal to pay immediately. I highly reccomend this to anyone using buy-it-now as it did eliminate that set of scammers from my auction. However, there were an entire new set of scammers entrering my auction.
I’m not sure exactly what their goal was, but about 12 hours before the end of the auction, 11 bids were retracted by 10 different bidderd within minutes of each other and all with pretty much exactly the same explanation: “wrong bid”. Since ebay doesn’t let you leave feedback for people that don’t win the auction, I am posting their names here:

Don’t do business with these people (they are on my no-bid list already)..and if you can avoid it, don’t fo business with ebay!






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