Youtube in the Googplex

I have been experimenting with Youtube in the past few weeks for screencasts and hosting clips I want to blog about.  After the acquisition by Google last week, I have seen some serious performance degradation.  I am wondering if the news of the acquisition has caused a wave of new users that is punishing their infrastructure?  It might not matter too much as now that I have conquered the process of converting videos to flash video format myself and the Podpress plugin makes it easy for me to get the converted videos posted, I may just start using my shared host at godaddy to do the few videos I want to do.

The one angle to the acqusition that hasn’t been mentioned much so far is that it may be a really good thing for Microsoft.  I think that the prospect of a video site with the audience that Youtube has coming under Google will drive a wedge between Google and Apple.  They had been getting close over the past few months and that represented a major challenge to Microsoft on both the Office and OS front.  I Mr. Jobs will not be nearly as interested as working with Mr. Schmidt now that they will be competing for the hearts and minds of those that want to consume video content on their own terms.






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