GillmorGang…I must love this show

GillmorGang was one of the first pocasts I subscribed to (right after The Daily Source Code…I guess that was all ‘back in the day’). I stayed a subscriber, even when there was a long hiatus. It remains one of the shows I listen to first. The discussion is usually very compelling, even when its moronic. It must be compelling because I keep listening even though he is mangaling the distribution. At first he cut things up into 20 minute segments with 5 minutes of ads (now down to 4 minutes) in front. On the last show I listened to (10.6) the sequence was numbered in reverse. The first segment was 10.6-5 and the the last was 10.6-1. Of course I didn’t really notice until I listened to the last segment (10.6-1) and the second to last segment (10-6.2) before jumping to the first segment (10.6-5). The only thing this did was really highlight the fact that the show can be very disjoint because I didn’t notice too much disruption listening to it backward for 40% of the show. This may have just been a mistake, or there may be a conspiracy out there.
In some way, I must be playing right into Steve’s hands as he is continuing to cut things up despite the outcry from his guests, his boss/partner and his listeners which means this is likely some enormous attention play on his part. I fell in too your trap.
UPDATE: Just noticed the name of the show in iTunes is “Backwards Gang”…unfortunately that didn’t show up on my iPod Nano.  Thanks Steve 😐






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