Podpress is still the coolest wordpress plugin ever

I wrote a few weeks ago about the newest WP plugin I was trying out, Podpress.  I’ve had a few more weeks to play around with it, and there is more and more to like.  It really makes the media experience, bith creation and consumption, simpler and richer at the same time.  The one ‘issue’ around having to be the named admin user (not just someone with admin priveleges) to change settings not withstanding, it is very solid.  I have just started to play around with the video capabilities, and will be doing a lot more here once I get my Creative DigiCam 428 next week (another post on that coming soon).
I thought I had found another issue with the integrated flash player that was causing the so called ‘chipmunk effect’.  I had a series of mp3’s that I captured on the MicroTrack recorder.   I would do some light editing of them in Audacity.  If I saved with the default of 128 kbps, they would work fine, but be rather large.  Since I am on a basic account with godaddy, I wanted to compress a bit, but every time I adjusted the bit rate and uploaded, I would get the chipmunk effect.  Essentially it would play back at 2-3x speed and very high pitch.
It turns out the issue was not with Podpress or the embdedded flash player, but rather audacity.  Whenever you re-encode anything in audacity it lets the LAME library automatically select the sampling rate, which seems to be something other that a multilpe of 11.025 KHz that the flash player supports.  I have found no way to make Audacity force the sampling rate to a particular value, so it looks like I will need to either use lame directly or find another encoder.






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