Good fall weekend

We had a party at our place last night. Had about 9 adults and 11 kids over for some fall fun. We had a hay ride, a bind fire and a ‘drive in’ movie on our back porch (I borrowed a projector from work and setup a simple screen with a bed sheet). It was quite fun. Ahead of the party, we had a bunch of prep to do, including getting the hay. I figured it was an opportune time since we needed to stock up for winter. I found an ad in the local paper, called and was shortly heading over with the trailer to pick-up 75 bales of timothy and alfalfa hay. I met the seller in Glencoe and headed out to his place. We loaded up the hay and I headed back. I have to say that pitching hay is one of those jobs you have to experience to get a true appreciation for. All I can say is its no wonder we’re all so fat these days…we don’t nearly get the excersise we used to.






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