The most frustraing game

Played a round of golf yesterday with two customers and another UGSer as part of a scramble at the Innovation Leadership summit.  It was the first game I have been able to play this year, so I didn’t play that well.  In the end I think we used 5 or 6 of my shots and the foursome came in at 5 under.  The winning team came in at ten under and the last score came in 4 over, so we were about in the middle of the pack.
It was a nice day and was a lot of fun to be outside (and having some adult beverages along the way), but I really don’t understand the attraction of golf for business purposes.  You have to spend so much time being quiet whileone of the foursome is shooting that having a continuous conversation is almost impossible.  What am I missing?  Is there some secret to having a meaningful business conversation while playing golf?






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