The best WP plugin yet

One of the reasons I decided to get a godaddy hosted account for my blog rather than just using the free accounts is plugins (the other is I can get my data out of the godaddy blog a little easier that makes it). I have about 10 active plugins that I use on my site although I think I just found my all time favorite: PodPress. While it is absolutely true that WP does a fine job of podcasting right out of the box (auto creation of enclosure tags, etc.) PodPress makes it much better.
The features are too numerous to mention in this post, but some of the few that I really like are:

  • Emdedded flash player
  • Really easy sync with iTunes
  • Support for multiple media types in the same post
  • Audio Comments

Installation was a breeze, but you do have to pay attention to the instructions when it says that you have to be logged in as admin to set the options. I tried with my account that had admin priv and it didn’t work. You have to login as the admin user or none of your changes in the General Settings page get saved.
Off to find a cheap way to get AVI’s into flash to see if the inline player supports video. Probably also need to look into a libsyn account. This is going to make it much easier and more fun to do podcasts, so I am thinking my 250GB a month will run out quickly…






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