OK, all together now

Well the migration seems to be complete. I have all of my old blog posts moved over and more importantly all of my customizations and plugins. It was a little harder than I thought, but not impossible. Ended up having to re-post the few entries I made before I got access to the MySQL database of all the posts on my home server, but that wasn’t to big a deal. I’m sure there was some programmatic way to get it done, but it was only 10-12 posts, so manual entry seemed to be most expedient.
The godaddy service seems fine so far. Had a bit of adjustment to get used to in not having shell access, but with a good FTP client (direct editing is a must) that seems to be workable.






2 responses to “OK, all together now”

  1. Hilby Avatar

    Looks good, But I liked the old picture better.

  2. Chris Avatar

    I didn’t change the picture?

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