Heaven is RSS Syncronization

I admit it: I am an RSS junkie.  I can think of no better way to kill 5 minutes or an hours than catching up on my feeds.  I started out with a number of different client side readers until eventually settling on Feed Demon last fall.  I used it happily for a few months unitl I realized that I wanted to read my feeds on more than one machine.  I wanted them on my home machine, my two work machines, my linux home theater myth pc, and my phone.  An online solution was needed.  That’s when I discovered News Gator (I actually found them because they were in the process of buying Feed Demon).  I have been hooked ever since.
Now I was aware that when News Gator bought feed demon, that they built some sort of sync between the two.  I tried it when Feed Demon 2 was in beta, but never could get it to work well. Since then I have been a very happy online RSS reader through News Gator.  Now that I have an EVDO card, this works great for all situations except one: when I’m on the plane.  I am platinum medallion on Delta and silver on American, so I fly alot and often that can be the perfect time to catch up on the news.  However, its not a big enough pain that I would cough up the dough for Feed Demon v2.
Now I see that the News gator boys have a beta of a sync tool that works with Microsoft Windows RSS platform.  SInce I am running Office 2007 Beta and IE7 RC1 on one wor machine and Vista RC1 on the other, this could be perfect.  The MS RSS products aren’t great, but they are free and that might just scratch my RSS itch when in the air.
NewsGator Inbox: NewsGator Desktop Sync Beta (Windows RSS Platform / NewsGator Online Synchronization)






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  1. […] With the recent launch of the second version of Google reader last week, I thought I would give it a try.  I have posted previously on my RSS habits, but the short version is I am an avid Newsgator online user (I have also been toying around with their windows mobile client, with less than stellar results).  One of the main reasons I like Newsgator is that is free (at least for me until 2008) and online, so I can easily read my feeds from many different machines.  It’s also nice that it is simple, fast and nice to look at: […]

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