SOA is dead! Long live SOA!

Annrai O’Toole has a really good post on the state of SOA today, by posing a few critical questions. He looks at it mostly from an end-user perspective (business impact, etc.). I think there are another list of interesting questions from the vendors perspective:
1 – How does SOA impact pricing policies? As customers are able to look at products as bundles of services, will they start to pick apart the products and just choose the services they want. “I know you offer 180 services, but I only need 4, so rather that $1,000 per seat, I’ll give you $10.” Will the drive to SOA, ultimately accelerate the drive the Software as a Service as the only way to maintain some level of pricing power?
2 – Can an ISV be successful in SOA by walking the tightrope between J2EE and .Net, or do they need to pick one and go deep?
3 – Does the new product development and introduction process ned to change in the SOA era? Big releases of code when it’s all finally ready doesn’t make much sense when services are all loosely coupled. Drip releases and incrementalism may be the order of the day.
Whither SOA — An Open Debate | Commentary from Cape Clears CEO on ESB, SOA and Web Services






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