Back on the road again

So after a very nice long stint without any travel, I am on the start of 4 weeks in a row on the road.  This week I will be in Plano and Dallas, Texas.  Next week I am off to Scottsdale, AZ.  After that I am in Europe and then I am off to Seattle.  I will be home most weekends, but gone most of the week.  Since I haven’t travelled since the London bomb scare, I got to experience the TSA lines for the first time.  I decided to forgo taking any liquids, gels or aerosols and just buy new stuff down here. That let me still do the check-in at home and by-pass the counter entirley…that’s worth the $10 I will spend at a drug store tonight.
Other than the “no liquids” thing, the only other change I noticed is that the “air-puff” explosive detectors are online at the Cincinnati airport.  These look interesting, but I found it odd (and a little worrying) that only every other line had them and you got to pick which line you wanted to go in.  What’s the point?  Really illustrates that its the process not the technology that is key to making it work.






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