Out of the woods

Well it looks like Goliath will be OK.  He is still at risk for infection, but the injury itself was “as good as it could have been”.  There was no injury to his coffin joint (I wonder why they call it that?) nor were any bones broken in his foot.  He was in surgery for about 90 minutes to repair the cartilage damage, artery and vein damage and to stitch up the wound.  He’s in a cast and will be at Rood and Riddle for a few days.  We should be able to bring him home on Sunday or Monday.
As to the source of his injury, the best we can figure is that he got caught up in some new flashing I had replaced on the bottom of the barn a few weeks ago.  He was really interested in it when I put it up, and I guess his curiosity just got the best of him.






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