Good sports weekeend

For two weekends in a row, both the college football team I follow (the Kentucky Wildcats) and the pro team (Cincinnati Bengals) both won.  I can’t think of a stretch when that happened in the last few years.  The Wildcats win was the most gratifying since they haven’t won their SEC opener since 1987.  What’s more it was a pretty convincing win over a middle of the road SEC team.  They have Florida next week at the swamp, so they will likely end up 2 and 2, but if they can at least make it competitive it will be good.
The Bengal’s win was good as well (got to see it live), but was a little harder to take because they sustained so many injuries.  With Pittsburgh coming up next week, we will need our A game.  Speaking of the Bengals/Steelers game, a “friend” of mine from work invited me to go with him to the game, so I will be going…in full Bengal’s regalia up to Pittsburgh next Sunday.  That should give me a few experiences to blog about.






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