I may finally get a few more converts

I have been using Mind Jet Mind Manager since version 4 and am a very big fan.  I use it almost anytime I need to ‘compose’ something, whether it be a new program plan, a brochure or a presentation.  I have used it a few times as an ongoing program dashboard, but mostly I use it for early stage ideation and refinement.  The one issue has been that I am one of the few users at my company, so when it comes to sharing a map I usually have to run off a PDF.  This works, OK but there is a lot that is lost in translation.  For example, when I am doing early stage research I will include a lot of URLs in my map and when I convert to a PDF, those are all lost.  Plus, if someone has some edits they want to make, they have to describe in text or stop by my office.
Well it looks like MindJet has figured out a way to link to Word 2007 using the new OPC formats to enable basic editing in Word.  This could be the answer I have been looking for and may get a few more people opened up to the power of maps…and sell some more copies for MindJet.
The Mindjet Blog » Editing Maps with Microsoft Office Word 2007






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