Initial Vista / Tablet impressions

As I ink blogged a few days ago, I installed Vista RC1 on my TC1100.  The install process worked fine and was complete in about 40 minutes.  It took me a bit longer to get the button drivers to work (the trick is to set the properties on the installer to run in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode).  Once that was done and I could rotate my screen I started by doing some basic web browsing.
There is one bug I noticed immediately in the TIP: when I have the TIP in ‘continuous’ mode (where you can write whole words in block print or cursive) and write out a word that isn’t recognized correctly, I can tap on the incorrectly recognized word below the line and it pops up a letter by letter entry box to make corrections.  I made the corrections and hit OK, but it doesn’t change the word below the line.  This is a serious flaw, so I guess I should do more than blog about it.  Heading over to the Microsoft Vista bug tracking site now.
Also, I am doing a little experiment with the tablet.  I’m going to see how long I can use it as a ‘companion’ device to my TC4400 without installing any additional software than what comes as part of Vista.  So far, all I really want to install in Adobe reader, although I saw that a new version of Foxit PDF reader just came out so I may try that.






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