Two great (and free) video tools

In addition to posting a lot about video yesterday, I have been doing a lot of work with video for my job. Two tools that I find indespensable are:
MMConvert: allows you to quickly and easily (in one step most of the time) convert from one video format to another. Supports all the codecs you install on your system (Xvid, AVC, DIVX, WMV, TechSmith for me) and allows you to convert unencrypted DVDs directly from the disc to a digital file. It is built on top of ffdshow, but it is really easy to use and is one of those tools that just works.
Camstudio: a freeware version of the Camtasia from TechSmith. There may be more features in the TechSmith version, but this does everything I want it to. It even can publish directly to flash, a real time and space saver.






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