Updated my T-mobile MDA to 2.26 "clean" ROM

So my T-Mobile MDA thinks it’s a T-mobile MDA again. It had thought it was a Imate KJAM for the past few months. I missed this when it first happened, but was looking around for something else when I stumbled acorss an updated ROM from T-mobile. I installed and ran with that for a few days, but I never could get Office Communicator to work (seems the connection wouldn’t persist?). So I moved to Xelecin’s cooked ROM which removed some of the bloat (does anyones actually use T-zones?). Since installing I have been very happy with the data speed and all my apps work great. It’s also nice that should I have a problem I can stop by a T-mobile store and they wil actually help me 😉
xelencin’s cooked htc wizard roms






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