MythTV 0.20 released

I have been running MythTV on a homebuilt Pentium 4HT for a llttle over 2 years.  I started out with version 0.14 and have done every other upgrade.  I am happy with the stability of my version 0.19 release, but overall I have been using the box less and less.  The main reason is that I am watching a lot less TV.  However there are more Myth related reasons as well.  For one, I never did get the HDTV receiver card (HD3000) working to my satisfaction.  It always works when recording programs, but is variable for live TV.  I also can’t get the music player to work the way I want, mainly having to do with playlists and storage.  There is also one hardware related issue: the PC is rather loud, especially when it’s hot.  I suspect this has to do with the CPU fan so I could solve it by replacing that part with a quieter fan or even going the water cooling route.
However I might still upgrade to the new version, if it weren’t for the fact that I am very interested in the Media Center features of Vista Ultimate.  Especially now that I have an X-BOX 360.  I would really like to be able to keep the box I have, convert it over to Media Center and then stream everything to my 32″ Vizio LCD over the network to my X-BOX.  There are two things that are keeping me from making that jump: I’m not sure if my XVID and DIVX movies will be playable on the Media Center and I am short on the cash to buy a new hard drive and tuner card.  The second problem could be solved easily and I may set-up a VM with Media Center installed just to give it a try.
Release Notes – 0.20 – MythTV






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