Lost my iPod

Well it’s been a week now so I think rather than misplaced, my iPod is officially lost.  I was using it last weekend doing some outside chores and catching up on a few podcasts.  I laid it down somewhere, but can’t remember where.  In the past week I’ve retraced my steps several times and still can’t find it, so I think it’s gone.  I do have an iPod nano that I have been using in the gym and on the tractor, so the only real loss is in the car.  I tried to buy a Griffin iTrip FM transciever from Best Buy, but it didn’t work with the Nano (despite the fact that it said on the package it worked with all dockable iPods..grrr!).
Since there are several new large capacity MP3 players on the horizon (Zune and a new iPod has been rumored) I have decided to bide my time and wait a while.  Is till have an hour commute each morning though, so I want to be able to stay up on the roughly 20 podcasts I subscribe to.  So while I wait for the next gen of HD based players, Ihave decided to try out the MP3 CD playing capabilities of my new VW Jetta.  Last night I burned a CD with all of last weeks podcasts on it (it came out to 690 MB…perfect!).  The only small hiccup in getting the CD created was finding the option in iTunes that lets you create a MP3 CD instead of an audio CD.  Once that was done, creating the CD was a snap.
I gave it a try this morning and it worked fine.  The upsides:

  • No extra wires (for charging)
  • No extra things to fiddle with (controls are in the stereo)
  • Better sound quality

The downsides:

  • Doesn’t keep track of what has been played and what hasn’t (I loved this about the iPod)
  • No playlist grouping to fall back on when the ID3 tags aren’t descriptive enough to figure out what I am listening to.
  • Lss ability to listen through things as they come in (only going to burn a CD once a week)

Overall, I think this method will work fine for the next few months.






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  1. subcorpus Avatar

    i got robbed …
    somebody stole it …
    had to buy a new one …
    lost all my music …
    this sucks ….

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