Interesting new assignment

Sorry the posts have been slow because, but my whole team just got through with a 2 day meeting to get ready for FY2007. Generally I don’t like those kind of meetings because it ends up being a lot of short conversations where only 2-3 people are engaged and everyone else just has to sit and listen. This one was different though: it was real. We didn’t spend anytime “going through the motions” of where the budget is, or reporting out on our latest pet projects. Instead we focused straight away on a few things we could all sink our teeth into and actually solve.
One outcome of the meeting is I received an interesting new assignement. Still kept all of my old responsibilities (sorry to all the partners I deal with…you can’t get rid of me that easil!), but this new project should be really interesting. Can’t say too much about it now, but it will involve incorporating a lot of my “outside work” interests (the geek ones, not the farming ones ;-)) into developing some interesting items for our customers and prospects.






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