Read/Write Culture

Since it was a pretty nice weekend around here, I got to catch up on a lot of tractor chores around the farm.  That also means I got to catch-up on a lot of podcasts that have been sitting on my nano for a few weeks.  Probably one of the best ( and maybe one of the most compelling keynotes I have heard in a long time) was Larry Lessig (of Creative Commons fame) adressing LinuxWorld.  He talks about how the last century of “read-only” culture and how it is actually a deviation from the way that culture had been for hundreds of years before that.  Even more interesting (to me anyway) is how he links what is going on now with technologies like blogs, social networks, mashups, etc. to a return to read/write culture.
A very interesting story that was told very well.  I highly recommend you give it a listen.
Larry Lessig Lectures at LinuxWorld Keynote






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