Thank you..whoever you were

Yesterday I had to take a quick day trip to Chicago for a sales meeting with a partner.  Since the meeting was downtown and I was arriving and deprating during rushhour, I decided to take the train from O’Hare to the meeting.  I have taken the train several times and it is always very relable and have had no problems.
This ride was no different, except for the fact that as I got up to leave when my train arrived at the stop, I didn’t notice that my wallet had fallen out of my back pocket :-(.  After about 30 minutes of panic (I could feel my heart racing), I got through to my bank to cancel my credit cards and there was a note on my account.  The note said that my wallet had been turned in to a station a few stops down.  I immediately headed to the station and got my wallet back.  Honestly, to my surprise, everything was there – except my return train pass and $50 in cash.  Whoever it was that turned in my wallet: Thank You.  And no worries about the cash or the ticket.  Consider the cash your reward…and after losing my wallet, I really didn’t want to ride the train anymore that day!






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