New PC for work – HP TC4400

So in addition to a small (unplanned) upgrade to my home mahcine, my new work machine finally came in this week.  It is a a new Intel Core Duo Tablet PC from HP, the TC4400.  It is a more traditional style tablet PC (a so called “convertible”) than my previous TC1100 (a slate).  I was a little worried about size and weight, but so far it hasn’t bothered me in either laptop or tablet mode.  I wanted a faster PC and wanted to stick with a tablet and since HP and Dell are all we can get, this was pretty much my only choice.
One thing that was really annoying at first was that I couldn’t get a clean install of Tablet PC 2005 installed because the SATA HD driver that HP and Intel provide won’t work in the windows installer.  I ended up having to disable the SATA mode in the BIOS before I could get it to work.  Why can’t these guys get basic things like hard drive drivers right?
To be fair though, after I got buy that minor annoyance, the performance has been great.  I can definitely tell the difference between the 1.2GHz Pentium M in the TC1100 and the 2GHz T2500 Core Duo chip in this one.  Also the keyboard is awesome.  I don’t know what took so long, but it seems HP has finally taken a page out of IBM’s book and made a great keyboard.  I have to get used to the large keys and spacing from the TC1100, but the feel is great.
Of course after getting all my apps and data moved over (and not really all my apps, just the ones I knew I would use right away) I only have 15 GB of the 60 GB disk left.  Looks like I should have had the company spring for the larger HD.  WHen will I learn?






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