Biofuels – a different take

Being a new Diesel car owner, I have taken a small interest in the emerging discussion about Biofuels.  If the shit hits the fan, it is somehow strangely comforting that I could grow my own gas on the few spare acres on the back of our farm.  Of course, if the shit does hit the fan, having a car that will get places will porbably be the last of my worries…I’ll probably be  more interested in making my own ammo.
Anyway, here is an interesting take on just how sustainable (or not as the author believes) biofuels are:
New Statesman – Frankenstein fuels






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  1. hilby Avatar

    I will mark this post as the first warning sign of you eventually building a compound and declaring the farm a sovereign state. When I’m interviewed by CNN as the FBI surrounds the compound, I’ll be able to say “yeah, I saw it coming.”

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