New car is great so far.

Well after three days of driving back and forth to work, I have to say I am really happy with my decision.  I have put 378 miles on the Jetta so far and I just dipped below the halfway mark on the fuel guage.  I think my dream of only having to fill up once a week may be realized easily.
What is also making me feel good about the decision to go with the Jetta is having seen the other cars on my list since buying the Jetta on the road, I haven’t had one thought of regret.  It’s really great so far.
One small complaint: I think the radio kind of sucks.  Actually, to be clear, its the speakers.  I have tried to tweak it, but all the sound seems to come from the back of the car.  The front speakers seem way to low in level.  Of course, if that’s the only issue I ever have, I’ll take it.






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