First trip to the dealers…just looking around

Had a few hours to kill before picking up the kids from my parents, so DeAnna and I stopped off at a few car dealers to start to narrown down the list.
First up was the Toyota delaer in Florence (Kerry Toyota).  They didn’t have any 4 cylinder Camry’s nor any Prius (of course).  They did have a “bare bones” Camry Hybrid that I spent some time looking at, but didn’t ask to drive because it was in the showroom.  I might have, but it had one problem: it was white…I hate white cars.  I also took a peak at the Yaris, but didn’t drive that one either as I want to get to a much smaller list before I start to drive.
Next up was Kerry Hyundai, right across the street.  As I mentioned earlier, I like the looks of the Hyundia exteriors…however they have along way to go on the interiors.  It was the ugliest thing I have seen in a car since the late 70s.  They are now officially off my list, 10/100 warranty or not.
Next I went to the Florence VW dealer, Champion VW.  Asked to see a diesel Jetta and they said they had none and that VW wasn’t making them anymore (which I found out later to be false).  So I asked to see a 2 Liter Turbo Passat and was told that VW didn’t use turbos anymore either.  So I walked over to look at the Passat Wagon they had and saw a big 2.0T.  Not deterred, the sales woman still stuck to her “no turbo” story.  I had to look at the window sticker before she finally relented.  There’s knowing your product.
So, after Day 1, Toyota still on the list.  Hyundai is off as is VW unless I can find a dealer that knows what they are talking about.






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  1. hilby Avatar

    Have you looked at the Mitsubishi’s? This one might be the ticket.

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