My next camcorder

So I have had a Canon DV camcorder for almost 7 years now. I have been tempted a few times to upgrade, but Sony may have finally come up the one that has the two features I am looking for: HD and HD ;-).

There is no way I would upgrade to a camera that could do Hi-Def. And ripping things off of tape on my current camcorder is a pain.  Even on the fastest, cleanest machine I have I get dropped frames and it has to be ripped in real time, which is a drag.  So what ends up happening is I take a bunch of video that never gets transferred and I have a pile of tapes sitting next to my PC.  The 2nd HD (i.e. Hard Drive) in this unit should take care of that.
Now if only they were $500!

Sony Introduces High Definition to DVD AVCHD Camcorder HDR-UX1 – News, Guides and Tips – Consumer Camcorders –






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