Smash-em up

A few of us from work made our way to the Kenton County Fair last night to see the demolition derby.  Nothing better than seeing a bunch of grown men and women crash in to each other in beater cars from the 70s and 80s.  There were a total of 5 rounds and the ultimate winner was “Purple Hayes” a mid 70’s sedan of undistinguishable origin.  The trick was the guy had hammered his tail end to wedge that was a serious weapon on the track.  It barely moved when he slammed in to the other cars.
We talked about getting a team together for next year and actually enter.  That has some possibilities…video blog, selling sponsorships on the web, getting a coworker maimed 😉






2 responses to “Smash-em up”

  1. hilby Avatar

    I think we could win the whole thing. A mid-seventies Cadillac and a few weekends with a cutting torch and a sledgehammer and victory!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Absolutely. Although I had a brainstorm on the kind of car we should get: think hearse 😉

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