10 days on the road

Ending up June with a bang.  Have been on the road for a week and have 3 more days to go.  It hasn’t been all business though.  Started off last Monday in NYC for 3 days of our annual analyst meeting.  I was a little worried because we were so relaxed going in without the normal last minute calls to get the presentations lined up.  In the end, it came off great and there were positive comments all around.  The family came up on Wednesday and we stayed in the city through Sunday.  We had a great time.  Saw the natural history museum, the statue of liberty, the empire state building, central park.  We had some great meals and I think the kids had a great experience.  The highlight was a Saturday night performance of Beauty and the Beast preceeded by dinner at a great restaurant.  Mason would look over and smile a big smile every ten minutes.  Kendall was all over the characters and really followed the story.
Back to work today though and am in Plano in a staff meeting today and off to Redmond for a Platform Strategy briefing from Microsoft.  It’s been a year, so it should be interesting, especially with the recent announcement that WinFS is dead.  Wonder what they will say about that.






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