Some themed posts coming up

If there are any regular readers out there you will have realized by now that there hasn’t been much a of a theme to this blog since I started.  It has always been a place for me to keep track of what is going on at any one point in time and share things with friends and family.  Regular readers will also remember that we purchased a farm late last year.  The combination of moving, regular work and “farm” work have kept the blog posts few and far between.  However, I am going to start off June with a commitment (to myslef at least) to post at least every other day.  I’m also going to try to start to have more of a theme to this June series of posts.  The first theme I am going to focus on is the parallels between “farm” work and regular work.  There have been many times that I have been fixing something around here where some great realization about my regular work, so I will try to capture some of those here as they happen.






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