Welcome Levi

Well our heard doubled in size yesterday.  We welcomed Spring for a Partee (aka Levi) to our farm after picking him up in Indiana.  We searched for almost 3 months before finding him and we could be happier.  He is a APHA registered paint with a bald face and one blue and one brown eye.  The guy we bought him from has really trained him well and he knows all his natural horsemanship commands.  He and Goliath are adjusting to each other – trying to figure out who is going to be the alpha.  Levi is to be my daughters horse, though I suspect I will end up riding him a little as well.  The downside to getting him was that his stall wasn’t quite ready so I had to break-neck yesterday and today to finalize everything.  The good news is they are done (except for a little exterior staining). The bad news is it’ll be a week before I want to look at that barn again!






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