A few more new gadgets

Picked up a couple of new gadgets in the past 2 days. On Saturday my 12 year old Canon LPB-430 laser printer finallt gave up the ghost. It was kind of sad to see it go – I printed my master’s thesis on that printer. I used Word Perfect version 8 running on Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on a 486 with a 120 MB hard drive.
So I had some Best Buy Reward Zones coupons sitting around and a 10% discount coupon that was good until April 9th, so I headed to the big blue box and started looking for printers. I quickly settled on an HP 2600n that was listed at $399, but had an instant rebate (rare for best Buy, most are mail-in) for $100. By the time the coupon and RZ certificates were applied, I ended up only paying $209 for the whole thing. I set-it up on my home network and really like it so far. It’s fast enough and the color is nice. The fact that all my machines can print to it without a central PC being runed on is nice as well.
On the portable gadget front, I convinced my boss to let me get off the Blackberry device that had been giving me a whole bunch of problems in the past few weeks and get one of T-mobile’s new MDA devices. It is a big and mostly welcome change from the BB. The ability to sync directly with Exchange is great and the push email works without a hitch. The one thing I wish I still had from the BB device is the ability to dial directly from any number that appears to be a phone number through a hyperlink like machanism. It made one handed use much easier. Anyone out there know of a way to get this done?






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