I love New York…in March

I was in NYC yesterday for the Microsoft launch of their “people ready business” initiative.  We got in to JFK around 6 on Wedneday night and then headed straight to dinner at Tabla, a Danny Meyer restaurant.  I love his restaurants, especially Union Square Café.  Tabla is an Indian inspired restaurant and it was a truly great dining experience, both the food and the service.
The Microsoft event started on Thursday.  I had breakfast with Jeff Raikes (along with 50 other people ;-)) and then sat through Steve B’s presentation.  He was charged up (as usual) and he laid out Microsoft’s vision for the business community, which is all about empowering individuals to do better work.  I think they are dead on in their sentiment, but I wonder how well it will take in the business IT environment.  I may be a bit biased, but I think there are a lot of IT managers out there that would not place “individual empowerment” on the top of their list.
Steve Ballmer @ Microsoft People Ready Business – Steve B delivering the pitch






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