Origami vs. 770 – telling of the future

I for one did not get too caught up in the hype surrounding the recent announcement of the Origami (or much less original name, the UMPC).  I am a regular Tablet PC user and have been somewhat interested in the new small tablet offerings from Motion (the LS800) and the combination Tablet/Pocket PC that is coming from DualCor.  However for whatever reason the Origami hype nor announcements got much ofmy attention.  However, something interesting did occur to me while thinking about my next gadget purchase.  I think that the sales of Origami devices compared to the sale of Nokia 770 (and similar devices should other manufacturers decide to offer them) will be a telling proxy of whether this whole Web 2.0 thing has any legs.  If it is true that I can get my whole job done on the web, from email to word processing, then the 770 represents a great value ans should sell like hotcakes.  If however, I still need an OS and local apps to get my job done, then the Origami devices might be the ones that sell out.  It will definately be interesting to watch how these two devices do as a leading indicator of the reality (or lack there of) of web 2.0.






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