Testing a desktop blog writer

I am writing this from a new tool I just installed on my work laptop to be able to post from my blog without logging in to the web interface to wordpress. The tool is w.bloggar. I am trying this out for a few reasons:

  • It will let me blog on items I see in Feed Demon. I was an avid Feed Demon user until I ran into some problems with it randomly sucking up 100% of my CPU. I just gave Feed Demon another try with the Beta 2 of 2.0 and I really like some of the changes, so I am giving it another try. w.bloggar comes in because I can’t see any other way to get things I run across in Feed Demon that I want to post directly into my blog unless I have a desktop blogging tool installed.
  • This also should let me throw together posts when I am offline and post them later. Should help me get some longer (and hopefully more eloquent) posts.
  • Lastly there are some nice things like spell checking and formatting built in to the tool.

So far, the only thing I don’t like is the font is really small…I wonder if it will show up that way in the post. Only one way to find out….






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