Barn work

As regular readers will know, we recently “bought the farm” in the literal sense. We moved in in November and have essentially settled in to the house proper. What remains to be “settled” are the workshop (looking quite empty with my 2 hammers, portable power drill and circular saw in 1200 square feet), the barn and the rest of th 22 acres not in the immediate vicinity of the house.
I spent a fair amount of the week after Christmas in the barn cleaning it out and converting two of the tobacco bins into horse stalls. It was very rewarding work, although most of the time I had no idea what I was doing. The real test of whether I guessed right or not will be in a few weeks when my wife’s horse makes the move from the boarding barn he has been at for the past two years to our farm. Hopefully there won’t be any news reports of a 18 hand horse running loose in Crittenden. If so, its probably best not to talk to me for a week or two.
But back to the rewarding part. I think the reason I liked it so much was that I could see tangible results every day and that I knew I was building something for the people I love and that would last. Some things to keep in mind on the days I don’t get to work in the barn as much as I’d like.






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