I love winning free stuff!

I am a regular listener to the OnTheRun with Tablet PCs Podcast. It is one of the 25 feeds I am subscribed to in my podcatcher and it is often one of the first podcasts I listen to every Monday on the way in to work. The combination of software reviews, hardware reviews and personal productivity tips always gives me some nugget of information I can use through the week. And I, like many other listeners have James to blame for a few purchases, including a Booq bag and the now discontinued HP TC1100…at least that’s what I tell my wife 😉
I was listening to the podcast last week and they interviewed Michael Linenberger who wrote “Seize the Workday” (one of the best books about using the tablet I have read) and who just came out with a new book called “Total Workday Control using Microsoft Outlook“. At the end of the podcast they announced a contest to win one of three copies of the Tablet PC book or one of three copies of the Outlook book. I wrote up a quick comment on how I use Outlook tasks with categories and Mind Manager to manage the “horizontal” and “vertical” span of control that David Allen talks about in the GTD method. It really works for me, and James and Mark must have like it because they awarded me one of the three copies of Total Workday Control. Thanks guys! I think you’ve inspired me to write up a bit more about the GTD methods I have adopted and adapted for my own use. Stay tuned.






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