I'm Back !!!

Well after what seemed like an eternity, I finally have everything back in place to be running this site.  The crtical missing piece had been high speed internet access to my house, which has been installed for a week now.  It took a ditch witch (and there is a reason they call those things witches), 3 visits to my house from the cable company, but I am finally back online.  It was a nice break, but I feel I’ve missed some good opportunities to blog about some things that have been going on.

    Obviously the move ia done and we are sttled in our new house.  There’s still lots of work to do, but generally things are getting back to normal.  THe commute is taking some getting used to, but that will come.

    On the work front, things are fast and furious.  We’re heading in to our global sales meeting in a few weeks and all eyes are on getting everything ready.  My slw and steady implementation of GTD is going well and I was even able to slip in something in this years budget to get a basic internal podcast and bloggins service setup.

   I see that WP 2.0 has recently come out, so I think I will have to look in to upgrading.  I also think this blog is going to have a much better voice now.  Not sure why I feel that way, but I just do…






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