What RSS reader do you use?

I discovered the word of RSS over a year ago and used a simple windows based tool to read a few blogs.  I think it was called RSS Bandit or something like that.  Over time I ran in to some limitations so I thought I would try one of the commercial readers and ended up purchasing a copy of Feed Demon a few months ago.  I have used it to build up my collection of feeds to well over 100, but now I am starting to second guess my decision.  First off, the performance can sometimes be awful, with the app ransomly grabbing 100% of my CPU and not letting go unless I kill it.  Definitely not conducive to letting it run in the background while I work on other things.  Secondly, I find myself reading my news when I’m on line most times anyway, but with a client based app, I always have to do it from the same machine.  So, I’m going to be giving NewsGataor a try for a while.  What reader do you guys use that you can’t live without?






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