A few interesting business model ideas

For those of you with an entrepeneurial spirit, here are a few ideas I’ve been kicking around lately:
1 – a software service that would calculate the best route / combination of trips to make based on distance, traffic data, your car’s fuel economy and some user preferences. This could be a cool mash-up on top of google maps that would definately get alot of users with gas as high as it is.
2 – a local news service via video-blog. It occured to me today while listening the the Chris Prillo show that the local network affiliates are essentially doomed. There will be little reason for them to exist in a few years time, what with the networks trying to keep as much money for themselves as possible and so many more direct and measurable ways for them to get their content to viewers. However, that will leave a hole in the one valuable service that most local affiliates provide: local news.
So whaddaya say..any google map hackers or news fiends in the Cincinnati area wanna hook-up and see if we can do something cool?






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